PAYE, NICs and benefits

This section contains useful guides to key topics for employers.

Payroll - basic procedures
A guide to Pay-As-You-Earn administration.
Employment benefits
A guide to tax-free benefits and expenses payments for employers.
Car or van?
What counts as a ‘van’ for tax purposes?
Cars for employees
An overview of how company car tax is calculated, and how to save money.
Don't pay too much national insurance
Tips for the self employed or those with multiple jobs.
Employee Expenses
A guide to reporting expenses and benefits.
Employing your spouse or civil partner
The benefits of transferring income to your spouse or civil partner.
Minimising the risk of employer compliance visits
Making sure your PAYE operation is compliant.
National insurance
Ways for employers to save NICs.
The legal requirements for payslips.
Pooled cars and vans
The rules governing pooled vehicles.
Payroll Real Time Information
A guide to the Real Time Information payroll rules.
Reform of National Insurance for the self-employed
Outlining the NICs that are required to be paid by the self employed.
State Pension top up: Class 3A voluntary national insurance contributions
Aspects of voluntary NICs.
The Employment Allowance
A guide to the Employment Allowance.